Placenta Tree of Life

Placenta Tree of Life
Placenta Tree of Life Placenta Tree of Life
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Our “Tree of Sustenance” design was created to honor this almighty organ of life. Just as Mother Earth nourishes us with her body, our bodies nourish our unborn children throughout pregnancy. The connection between mother and child that exists through the placenta has been sacred to many cultures for many centuries… and now the wisdom of our ancestors is being rediscovered by women today as we look upon the life sustaining ability of this amazing organ with awe and reverence once again. A unique piece of birth jewelry that symbolizes our connection to the earth, to our children, and to each other… whether you choose to honor this connection through lotus birth, placenta encapsulation, art prints, burial ritual, or other form of homage. Commemorate the rite of passage that is birth, and the journey into motherhood with an individually flame sculpted work of original glass art from Family Tree Glass, perfect for that special mama or midwife in your life. Appx 1”, and comes in a gift box with free cotton necklace cord. (Custom beaded necklaces and sterling silver chains sold separately, and are available in the “Necklace Options” category.)

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