Goddess: Exotic Red

Goddess: Exotic Red
Goddess: Exotic Red Goddess: Exotic Red Goddess: Exotic Red
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The ancient symbol of the Goddess symbolizes motherly love, fertility, birth, sustenance, creativity, and the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. Gaia, Earth Mother, Mother Nature, Isis... whatever name you call her, she is the Source, and she resides within each of us, her children. The oldest artifacts ever unearthed by archaeologists were carvings of the Goddess from ancient civilizations, tens of thousands of years ago. Today we are re-learning what our ancestors already knew... to honor the blessings of the Great Mother, and to keep her close to our hearts. These pendants were created to bring that wisdom into our daily lives, and to help us reconnect to the Divine Feminine. Each one has been created individually, so that they are all as unique as you are. Appx 2", flame-sculpted and kiln-annealed to ensure durability. (Comes with a gift box and free necklace cord.)

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