Dragonfly Pendant - Purple

Dragonfly Pendant - Purple
Dragonfly Pendant - Purple Dragonfly Pendant - Purple
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A unique, flame-sculpted glass dragonfly adorns this beautiful pure white pendant, so simple in design yet deep in meaning... dragonflies carry the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. The dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it is to remind you to bring more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have the dragonfly as their spirit animal may feel the need to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.

Appx 1", each dragonfly pendant has been individually hand crafted, so no two are exactly alike. They are then kiln annealed to ensure durability, and lovingly wrapped in a gift box with black cotton necklace cord. More necklace options are also available.

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