Artist Biographies

Brian Holzhammer

Brian HolzhammerBrian began blowing glass in 1995 on an abandoned honey farm in NW Arkansas. After watching a friend teach himself the art of lampworking, Brian had gained enough knowledge to start up his first glass studio in his hometown of Greenville NY. In 1998, Brian opened up his first glass gallery and store in Middletown NY, and later located in Sugar Loaf NY. By 2000, Brian began teaching his wife Brooke how to sculpt glass, and they have shared a studio ever since. January 2004 brought the birth of their twin daughters, Joy and Faith, and in February 2008 the family welcomed a son, Jeremy, into the family. In June of 2010, Family Tree Glass relocated to the foothills of the majestic Green Mountains in central Vermont.

Brooke Holzhammer

Brooke HolzhammerBrooke Holzhammer has been sculpting glass since 2000. Always with an emphasis on the human figure, she explored many mediums before being introduced to glass. She then began an apprenticeship with a self-taught glassblower who would soon also become her husband. Inspired by the possibilities this medium has to offer, Brooke applied lampworking techniques to her ongoing figural studies.

From 2003 to 2005 Brooke took a hiatus from the studio, preoccupied with a complicated pregnancy and then immersed in her role as a new mother of twins. This experience would forever alter the direction of her life and thus, her art. She draws upon the transformative energy of birth and the divine feminine as her sources of creative inspiration.

“Ever since I was a child, my artwork has focused on the beauty of the divine feminine. I realized at a young age that there is a lack of positive imagery associated with women and the female anatomy, a shortage of inspirational role models for girls, and a general misunderstanding of our role in society. I was raised in a culture that treats menstruation as an inconvenience, pregnancy as a disease, birth as something to be feared, and motherhood as a messy hobby. After becoming a mother myself, I realized what my mission is as an artist. I strive to create imagery that inspires us to question these imbalances in our modern day culture. To open a doorway that allows all women to embrace our true selves, thereby allowing us to embrace our fellow sisters, daughters, and mothers. I create art that honors the Goddess within us all.”

Brooke resides in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont, where the Family Tree Glass studio looks out at the majestic Green Mountains. She shares a home and studio with her husband Brian, and together they continue to share a passion for glass art in the studio, and a love of raising their family together at home.