collage of glass pendants and ornaments under $20 for gifts and stocking stuffers

Over a Dozen Gifts for Under $20!

Yes, you can still make it a handmade holiday, even if you’re running out of time and budget! To help out with your last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, here is a list of all our handmade creations that are just $20 or less:


handblown glass icicle ornaments decorating a Christmas tree

Icicle Ornaments: $4 each!

These simple yet beautiful glass icicles ornaments look so real because each one is flame-sculpted individually, so no two are the same. They reflect the colors of the lights on your tree, or the sun coming in your window.


collection of handblown glass winter spiral solstice yule ornaments

Winter Spirals: $8 each!

These clear glass ornaments reflect the colors and images surrounding them, while you reflect upon the beauty of the season. The Winter Spiral is a magical and heartwarming celebration of light that brings us hope in the darkest time of the year. In this moment, endings become beginnings, and all things are possible.


collection of 5 handblown glass spiral twist holiday ornaments in a variety of colors

Spiral Twists: $9 each!

These simple yet beautiful handblown glass twirls have a ribbon of vivid color along the edge. So while the clear, twisted glass catches glimmers of light, the bright color spirals around it. These hand crafted ornaments are a wonderfully unique way to help celebrate the season, and they make great holiday gifts.


collage of glass mushroom pendants surrounding a photo of one being made by a glass artist

Shrooms @ just $9 each!

A brightly colored 3 dimensional mushroom is encased within a drop of clear glass, and finished with a loop to be worn as a necklace. Each pendant is flame sculpted individually, so no two are exactly the same. This mushroom pendant is hand crafted entirely of glass, so no mushrooms were harmed in the making of this unique jewelry.

collage of glass heart pendants in various color options

Heart pendants <3 from $9-$12


This pendant captures the essence of love in such a simple yet universal symbol. Wearing this unique glass art jewelry is a beautiful reminder to be true to yourself, and always follow your heart. Each handblown glass heart pendant is flame sculpted individually, so no two are exactly alike.

model wearing glass Mothers Milk droplet pendant on silver chain gift for Breastfeeding moms

Mother’s Milk droplets: $15.


This handblown glass Mother’s Milk pendant is a symbol of love and sacrifice. Breast milk is a sacred river of purity and life, a physical manifestation of your spirit, flowing into and nourishing your newborn child. This simple yet stunning necklace is a wonderful keepsake created to honor your breastfeeding journey.

glass goddess pregnant belly clear droplet pendants and ornaments

Birth Belly pendants: $15.


This beautiful, clear handblown glass pregnant belly droplet pendant takes the form of a beautiful, fertile woman. It is the perfect way to pamper any Goddess, whether Mother, Midwife, or Matriarch! Our Birth Belly pendants are each flame sculpted individually, and then kiln annealed for added durability.

model wearing glass Menarch jewelry and celebrating her first period

Menstrual Jewelry: $15.


This handblown glass blood droplet pendant is a symbol of sacrifice, and a subtle yet beautiful way to celebrate your monthly cycle. Whether marking the start of menstruation, your monthly moon, or the shift of menopause, these are sacred rites of passage in all women’s lives, and we need to reclaim this special time for ourselves, and for our daughters.

glass mushroom pendants in a variety of different color combinations

Magic Mushrooms! $18 each


The glass mushroom is encased within a drop of clear glass, with swirls of color in the background, creating a vivid 3-dimensional universe deep within the glass. Each pendant is finished with a loop to be worn as a necklace, or it can also be hung from a window, rear view mirror, or anywhere else you may need a little shroom magic to brighten your day!

handblown glass pregnant belly goddess ornament

Birth Belly ornaments: $18


These Birth Belly ornaments were created to honor and cherish the amazing journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. This heirloom ornament is a wonderful way to commemorate the arrival of a new family member, and a keepsake to be cherished for years to come!


collage of handblown glass dragonfly pendants in various colors

Dragonflies: $18 each

A unique, flame-sculpted glass dragonfly adorns this beautiful glass pendant, so simple in design yet deep in meaning… dragonflies carry the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. The dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it is to remind you to bring more lightness and joy into your life.

collection of glass astrology jewelry with zodiac symbols in a rainbow of colors

Zodiac pendants: $20.


What’s your sign? A handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, each Zodiac necklace features a handmade glass pendant, appx 1″, with your choice of astrological symbol, in your color preference, strung on an adjustable length necklace cord with clasp, and lovingly wrapped in a gift box with an artist info card.

planet earth glass pendant on silver chain necklace

Earth pendants: $20.


The white, whispy clouds swirling on the surface of this Earth pendant cast a shadow onto the earth’s surface encased within, giving this unique piece a 3-dimensional, atmospheric effect. A fun and funky way to show off your earthy side! As with all of our pendants, each is one-of-a-kind, so slight variations in the pattern are to be expected… and enjoyed!

collection of pregnant belly blessingway birth beads in various colors

Mini belly beads! $20.

I created these colorful mini belly pendants to celebrate the amazing journey of pregnancy and childbirth… they are sculpted individually so that each one is as unique as the mama wearing it. A beautiful addition to any birth-bead necklace, as a focal point during labor, or a treasured momento of those incredible 9 months… and they can later be used as a nursing necklace, too! Also makes a great gift for your midwife or doula.

glass labor and birth symbolism and support jewelry in various colors

Crowning Glory birth jewelry: $20.


A sweet and simple depiction of a very special moment… this Crowning Glory pendant captures with subtle elegance the crowning of a baby’s head just before birth. A wonderful way to forever cherish that magical moment when a new life is born, and celebrate the strength and beauty that all mothers possess.

glass autumn leaves necklace pendants in golden amber colors

Leaf pendants: $20 each

A beautiful expression of our ever-present connection with the earthly elements, this fluttering leaf pendant has long been one of our most popular designs. Each one is hand-sculpted in the flame and is one-of-a-kind, just like you would find in nature. The gentle curves of the leaf catch the light, enhancing the vivid swirls of color encased with the glass.

This Wednesday 12/18 will be our last kiln firing of the decade! Will your handblown glass holiday gifts be in there? It is not too late to order, because we work right up until the last minute, filling orders for all the procrastinators out there. Often the torches are lit, the kiln is hot, and the studio is still in crunch mode well past midnight on our last day. If you need your order to be delivered by Christmas Eve, we need it on our to-do lost no later than the 18th. The glassblowing elves are very dedicated to getting all your packages out on time!

glass artists working in the studio

Be sure to place your holiday order no later than 12/18 for guaranteed delivery by 12/24!

Thanks for supporting artists and small family businesses this holiday season, and always. Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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