collage of 2 handblown glass necklaces inspired by fire and ice

Exclusives: FIRE & ICE Jewelry

I love creating beaded jewelry to showcase our handblown glass focal pendants. Each custom necklace is special and unique, and no two are ever exactly the same. However, there needs to be some continuity among them in order for us to offer them on our website or Etsy shop. Most people want to have some idea of what the final piece will look like before buying it sight unseen, or to be able to request a certain style that they may have seen in a photo of a past order.

model wearing a glass beaded necklace inspired by flames

This necklace is pure FIRE!

But sometimes I make glass beads that I simply cannot be sure I will be able to re-create. It may be because I used a small batch of color that varies from piece to piece. Or maybe I just had a creative urge to try something new in the studio that looks totally different from anything else on our website. And occasionally I get my hands on some fabulous gemstones or beads that I may never be able to find again, but that I just can’t resist! Other times I just spend way too much time painstakingly arranging the perfect combination of beads to create a work of wearable art that I feel is more worthy of an art gallery than a jewelry boutique.

These are some of the factors that helped to inspire two new necklaces that I am unveiling this week. One is a sexy 5 piece flame pendant necklace with bamboo coral accent beads strung with amber gemstones. The other is another 5 piece icicle pendant necklace, with sparkling clear glass icicles strung with turquoise beads of varying grades, shades, and sizes. I love how the two styles contrast, yet compliment each other, although each necklace is a stand alone work of art.

model wearing a glass icicle necklace with turquoise beads

Adorn yourself with icicles this winter!

These are exclusive limited edition works of wearable art that will never be recreated. They both go live this Wednesday at noon est! You can follow the FTG Facebook page for the official announcement when they go live… once they are sold, that will be it! Although if there is more interest in exclusive jewelry, I have a plethora of ideas for unique pieces and hope to be able to offer more one of a kind pieces in the future.

My daughter Joy modeled these necklaces for me, and my son Faith took care of the photography and editing. I am so excited to have them on board for this new family endeavor, and hope we have the opportunity to create more head turning glass art to adorn you with!