A variety of glass mushroom pendants atop a pile of colorful autumn leaves

Making Magic Mushrooms!

One of the first things an aspiring glass artist learns to make is a mushroom bead. Once you’ve gained enough experience to be able to control a glob of molten glass over an open flame, it’s a relatively simple technique. And it’s fun! You get to explore working with the properties of solid glass, liquid glass, clear glass, and colored glass, all in one project. And the final result is awesome… the 3 dimensional qualities of the finished pendant are mesmerizing, and the little encased mushroom looks so real in there!

glassblower making a glass mushroom bead

The bead of glass needs to be just the right temperatures – hot yet solid at the top, and molten liquid at the bottom – before you inject the thin stringer of color through the molten part. When that colored glass hits the solid part, it spreads out into a very realistic looking mushroom cap!

glassblower working with molten glass over a torch flame, making a glass pendant

We use the torch flame to melt off the rod of excess colored glass, leaving just the mushroom cap and stem encased inside the hot glass bead, and close up the hole. Weve got to keep the whole piece molten in order to add a necklace loop, and then transfer it to the hot kiln for annealing.









20 years of blowing glass, and I still love making these little guys. I went a little shroom crazy in the studio recently, and we now have over 20 new color combinations in stock to choose from! I’ve also added a custom listing so that you can help create your own pendant by choosing your favorite colors. Starting at just $9 for the clear glass droplet shrooms, and $18 for the bigger pendants with a vibrant colored background, these unique necklaces make great gifts. I hope you have as much fun frolicking through this field of new mushroom necklaces as I had creating them!

man playing guitar and singing while wearing a gladd mushroom bead necklace

In love with this pic from @djjasonkc showing off one of our handblown glass shroom beads in action! (photo cred goes to J. Reinhard Media)

glass mushroom pendants in a vriety of different color combinations

The fluctuations in temperature, the different properties of each glass color, and the overall nature of hot liquid glass all ensure that each shroom pendant is unique and one of a kind!