glass labor and birth symbolism and support jewelry in various colors

Crowning Glory pendant reviews

Our Crowning Glory birth jewelry design has always been one of my favorites because of it’s elegant simplicity, but even more because of it’s significance. The symbolism is subtle enough that it can be worn anywhere, and the design is simple enough that they are an affordable item for just about any budget. It’s no wonder why they have been one of our best sellers for many years.

But no need to take my word for it… below are some customer reviews specific to this design. (All of this feedback comes from the FTG Etsy store, but you can also leave feedback for purchases here on the FTG website, too! In fact, please do!)

“Wow. Just wow. Stunning. Even more perfect than I thought it would be. I ordered this bead for my birthing necklace to give me strength and keep me focused during labor. I thought it would be perfect because of the smooth glass texture and the small bump and all. It’s so perfect! I was nervous I made a mistake ordering pink but I’m so glad I did. Its beautiful. Thank you so much! I’ll treasure it forever and hopefully pass it to my daughter some day.” ~Andrea D. of Biloxi, MS

Glass birth necklace pendant on pregnant woman

I just love when customers send me beautiful pics like this when they leave a review!

“I can’t wait to give this to my niece who is expecting in less than a month. The size and subtlety of this piece is perfect! I love it!” ~Christy O. of Pickerington, OH

“This necklace is so beautiful! You can really tell it’s handcrafted with quality glass. Thank you so much for making this for me. I’m giving it as a gift for my midwife. I’m very excited I found your shop because I plan to order a different pendant for my doula. Thank you!”  ~Daniza M. of Chula Vista, CA

“It’s just beautiful and the perfect gift for my amazing midwife! (Although it’s nearly one year since our wonderful birth. Wow.)” ~Melanie M. of Santa Monica, CA

“Hi! I love the piece you made me after my daughter was born 3 years ago! I have been wearing it all the time. Please send me another, in Jade this time. Thank you!” ~Jill W. of Carlisle, MA

“Beautiful piece! This made a lovely gift for my friend’s blessingway.” ~Larissa T. of Niceville, FL

“These are the most perfect gifts i could have found my Mother! Beautiful! Thank you!” ~Natalie K. of Lutz, FL

glass art jewelry with babywearing mother and babe wearing a rainbow wrap“Someone gave me your Rainbow Babywearing Pendant for my blessingway necklace and I love it SO MUCH. I plan to add these two to the necklace before delivery. Thank you!!!!!” ~Carrie B. of Montclair, NJ

“Sage color glass please :). I love the subtle beauty of this pendant. I plan on wearing it for the rest of my pregnancy. Thanks! Your work is beautiful, I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your creations.” ~Kaitlyn M. of Brielle, NJ

“Perfect for my dear friend’s blessingway necklace!” ~Nicole P. of Decatur, GA

“Thank you so much- I am studying midwifery and these are gifts (one for me) and one for a midwife mentor of mine.” ~Elisabeth C. of Sunbury, Australia

Glass birth pendant in lavender modelled on a necklace

A customer pic of the Crowning Glory pendant in Lavender.

“Hi there, beautiful, beautiful work! Just had first bebe enter the world and I ordered this for our doula. Thank you so much!”  ~BonnieJeanne D. of Bowser, Canada

“Gorgeous! I’ll be attending a mother’s blessing celebration soon and this will be my gift for the mother-to-be. I’m tempted to order one for myself!” ~Janet W. of San Bernardino, CA

“I love them – such a discreet way to honour a special moment.” ~Tessa K. of Banksia Park, Australia

Every time we get a good review, I do a little happy dance! We are now up to 500 reviews on Etsy (that’s a lot of dancing) and we keep holding strong with that 5 star rating! Positive feedback is so important to us, and sometimes it comes in different forms… like this note I was asked to include in a package when shipping out a Crowning Glory pendant:

“Meg, Ever since I read about your birth plan, I felt like I needed to send you a little something. Something to show my support and my hope that this birth becomes everything you want and need it to be. This is what I thought of. In crunchy birthy circles, birth pendants are often given as gifts to be worn during labor and birth. To help us remember and gain strength from the goddess within and to embrace the empowering task we are undertaking. This necklace in particular made me think of you and your particular task of a vbac. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to keep it, or gift it to another woman in the future who may find herself in a similar situation as you are in now. I wish you the absolute best.” ~Jody C. of San Diego, CA

I can’t express how humbling it is to know that a creation of mine has significance to another woman in her journey into motherhood. I am so thankful for the privilege!