Tree of Life series of glass pendants in 4 different color options

Fall Fashion Favorites

It’s my favorite season of the year! I love fall fashions… warm tones, cozy knits, layered with rich autumn colors, and of course, handblown glass accessories! Because we make all of our glasswork by hand individually, we always have to be one step ahead of the season… which means we are already busy in the studio making glass icicles and other holiday ornaments right now. So every year I have to make a point to slow down and look around at all the beautiful but fleeting colors, and try to soak it all in before it’s gone. The colder weather and falling leaves always seem to have us all scurrying around in preparation for the winter ahead… but for now let’s reflect a little and enjoy the present moment… here are some of my favorite fall themed creations to help inspire some autumnal meditations…

glass autumn leaf necklace pendants set of two

This set of two Autumn Leaf pendants in warm amber swirls were custom created for a mother and daughter.

glass Tree of Life pendant in red on black with a full moon in white

This piece is from our Tree of Life: Midnight series and features an Exotic Red tree on a Black pendant, with a full moon peeking through the branches!

glass babywearing mother of two pendant on gemstone necklace in fall colors

The colors in this Babywearing Mother-of-2 piece make me think of crisp autumn air, falling leaves, and cozy snuggles!

glass vulva pendant in golden amber tones with semiprecious gemstone beads

The golden hues on this amber swirl Vulva pendant are accentuated by the autumn inspired semiprecious stones in the custom beaded necklace.

Breastfeeding Mother and Child glass pendant on beaded necklace in warm amber tones

The warm amber tones swirl around the mother figure in this Breastfeeding pendant contrast nicely with the milky white of the nursing babe.



glass spiral symbols necklace pendants shown in a variety of color options

Our glass Spiral pendants signify a change in direction and perspective…

Family Tree Glass family photo

My true fall favorites! This pic was taken 10 years ago, when we first moved to VT… it’s hard to get the kids to pose like this for me anymore!  Happy Fall, friends!