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A Very Interesting Custom Order!

I was recently contacted by someone looking for a very unique custom made glass pendant. She saw my Vulva jewelry, and then sent me this message:

I think your vulva pendants are absolutely gorgeous. This might be an absolutely bizarre question, but I figured I’d ask anyway. I teach a feminist horror movie class and a subject we talk about very frequently is ‘vagina dentata’ or a vagina with teeth. Is there any way to incorporate that into a vulva pendant? I saw your vulva pendants and I thought huh that would go amazing with my class if there was something vaguely teeth-like on the inside. All the other vagina dentata jewelry that exists is very obviously a vulva and it’s very explicit. That doesn’t work for me because I would be wearing this for my job. I really like the subtleness of your pendants. Like I said, I understand how weird and incredibly specific this question is, but I appreciate your time!”

Weird and incredible specific, you say? Sounds like a challenge to me! This was the result:

glass vulva jewelry vagina dentata design

Vagina Dentata jewelry design: freaky, weird… and cool!

“This is a crazy custom piece. I TA for a psychoanalytical feminist horror movie class (it’s very niche, I know) and the most fun thing we learn about is the mythology of the vagina dentata. I wanted a necklace of one but I couldn’t find one on the market, so I requested a custom order. The shop owners are so great and the customer service was amazing. The process of creating the custom piece was also great. The owner asked me specifics on every detail to ensure it was exactly how I wanted it. The collaboration with this shop turned out perfectly and this is by far the coolest necklace I own. I sent a picture of it to my professor and now she wants one too. I randomly reached out to this shop asking them to make me a vulva necklace with teeth and it came out gorgeous.”  ~E. Sanders, Bloomington IN

Go here to learn more about our glass Vulva jewelry design and the inspiration behind it.

Have an idea you’d like to see manifested in glass? Reach out and get in touch. No custom requests are ever too weird or specific… I always love a good challenge!