What’s on the block this week, you ask?

www.familytreeglass.comI always seem to have a few pendants set aside simply because they came out just a bit too small to match my item descriptions. I am a bit of a perfectionist like that… if it’s even .25″ smaller than what is described on our website then I make another, slightly bigger one. But eventually, I end up with a little stockpile of minis! What to do? Why, offer them up for auction, of course! (You knew I was going to say that.)

1This week’s auctions feature a few of these little glass pendants – just slightly smaller than usual, but otherwise in perfect, new condition! Choose between a cute little Babywearing pendant in turquoise and amber, a Footprints heart pendant in different shades of greens, or a Rainbow Babywearing piece – just like our handblown glass Rainbow Babywearing ornaments, but pendant sized! (this is a prototype design… these are not even available on the website yet, because I am still working on squeezing all those colors into such a small space, in a reasonable amount of time!)www.FamilyTreeGlass.com

As always, I set no reserve, because it’s just more fun that way! But this time, I made the starting bid even lower… just $1!  These auctions will wrap up this Friday morning, 12/7, around 10am est. Happy bidding, and good luck!