family tree glass

Holiday Ornament Auction!

Custom made Family-of-5 Holiday Ornament

Custom made Family-of-5 Holiday Ornament up for auction NOW!

This weeks’ items up for auction are former custom orders that I goofed in one way or another. They are both brand new and of perfect quality, I just mixed up a couple of the colors. So I had to re-make each of them in order to have them exactly match the customer’s request. That’s good news for you, if you are a Family-of-5 or a Babywearing Family-of-4 that doesn’t mind a holiday ornament that says “2016” on the back! (Hey, it was a pretty good year, why not celebrate it again?!)

Both of these auctions had very low starting bids and no reserve, and they end today around noon est. So check them out asap! And if you are late to the party this time around, be sure to follow the FTG Facebook page to be alerted of great deals and steals like these!

family tree glass

Custom Babywearing Family-of-4 Holiday Ornament up for auction… going once… going twice…