a compilation of glass art pendants

Glass Art Auctions: Live now!

What’s an artist to do when faced with an overabundance of discontinued pendant designs? Why, we auction them off for deeply discounted prices, of course!  Starting this week, our Ebay auctions will be ongoing, as long as I still have these items in stock. I plan to post a few listings each week, always with a low starting bid, and no reserve! This week on the auction block:

1 Breastfeeding Mother and Baby glass pendant in Amber Swirl mama with Earthy Swirl babe

Lot of 2: Baby’s Footprints on Mama’s Heart in Warm Amber, and Birthy Belly in Translucent Teal

One of this week’s listings has already been purchased out right at a discounted price (this will always be an option, as well!) and the 2 auctions linked above end tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Often, I will be listing these pieces in lots, with a couple different designs combined in each listing. This is perfect for all my crafty mamas looking to make their own necklaces, and for my thrifty sisters to get a few gifts for one heck of a steal. Each pendant is shipped with a small info card in a little gift bag. (Please note: these do not come with free necklace cord or boxes, like the items on our website or etsy store.)handblown glass demonstarions

Why so many discontinued designs, you ask? My glass creations inevitably grow and change over time. Such is the nature of “handmade”. Sometimes it happens slowly and subtly. Other times I decide to make an obvious change to a pendant design, whether based on customer feedback, or my own personal aesthetic preferences. Occasionally an item will need to be discontinued simply because my glass supplier stops making that particular color. Whatever the reason, before ya know it, I have a stock of handblown glass pendants that do not match the photos or descriptions on my websites.Family Tree Glass

In the past, I would display and sell these items by having a booth at a local craft fair or something like that, where people aren’t expecting each one to look like a certain photo, and their little intricacies are always well received! But I am not currently doing shows right now. So I thought that holding an auction would be a fun way to help these unique, one-of-a-kind creations get into the hands of those that appreciate them. And who doesn’t like a great deal on hand crafted jewelry, right?!

Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s going on the auction block each week. There’s sure to be something that will catch your eye eventually! Good luck, and happy bidding!