family tree glass studio


Would you like the chance to win some FREE handblown glass goodies? We have recently started running contests on FTG’s facebook page, giving our friends and followers a chance to win a different glass pendant design each and every week! In the past month or so since starting this game, we have awarded handmade glass jewelry to 7 randomly chosen lucky winners. So far, the prizes have been a voluptuous Vulva pendant, a custom Babywearing Mama necklace, one of our Rainbow Babywearing glass ornaments, a Mother & Child(ren) piece of any size or color combination, and 3 Mother’s Milk glass droplet pendants! What will be be offering up for our next weekly giveaway? Well, you’ll just have to follow us to find out!

When I first decided to try doing a giveaway, I was unsure if it would continue beyond one. I was getting frustrated by the amount I needed to pay just to reach a handful of the thousands of people who had already chosen to like our page, and was having trouble finding the best way to get the word out about upcoming sales and events. It really started taking time and energy away from my creative process… not okay.

What started out as a practical idea for our business has quickly become a wonderful way to connect with people, and hear their stories! My page now hosts thousands of heartfelt comments about motherhood, birth, breastfeeding, and a common love of uncommon art, unique people, and uplifting messages from the heart. All in exchange for simply offering one little handcrafted creation of mine to go out into the world and make someone smile.

No matter how many of my creations I decide to ultimately give away, I am the clear winner in this game! I am so grateful for all the kind words that have inspired me in the studio, and beyond, these past few weeks. It seems we are on to something here… the FTG Weekly Giveaway is here to stay!