handblown glass Yoni jewelry

Evolution of the Vulva

I guess with any handmade creation, after making some variation of one particular design hundreds of times, you are bound to get better at it, right? A few of our glass jewelry designs have been around for a while (some for over 10 years now!) and over time they seem to change slowly. I don’t even realize that they are gradually evolving until I see someone wearing a necklace from years ago, and I am always surprised at the difference! It’s not enough of a change that I need to update the item descriptions or anything… usually folks are just pleasantly surprised when their piece is delivered looking much better in person than it did online.

Family Tree Glass

Each one is flame sculpted individually, so it is as unique as the person wearing it!

A perfect example of this are our handblown glass Vulva pendants. I started making these almost a decade ago. Back then, I called them “Yoni” necklaces. (Yoni is a sanskrit term for vagina.) When I first designed them, they tended to be a bit smaller and more reserved. They didn’t have as many angles and curves as my more recent creations. These days, my Vulva pendants are more voluptuous. They are unapologetic in their vaginality. (Yes, I just invented that word, and I am running with it!) Perhaps the evolution of my vulvae is somehow connected to the evolution of my mindset when considering my own femininity. Come to think of it, I am growing increasingly voluptuous and unapologetic with time, as well. But I digress…

I am finally getting around to updating some of the photos of our glass pendants… some of them were so old! My camera skills have definitely gotten better over the years (and not a moment too soon, because some of the pictures I replaced were truly pathetic, as you can see!)

vulva pendants

Here is one of my old photos…


yoni necklace

… and a more recent Vulva pendant with a new and improved photo!

Check out our Vulva jewelry page for all new photographs, some new colors, and even a new “clear glass” pendant option. The beauty of hand crafting each of these glass pieces individually is that I can tailor it to your preference. Just let me know if you have any specifications you would like me to consider while I am creating your unique, one-of-a-kind glass pendant!

I am so glad that this particular necklace design has grown in popularity over the years, after once being more of an obscure design for a fringe audience. Because now more than ever we need to celebrate our femininity. We need to embrace positive imagery, and let go of any fear or shame we may be subconsciously holding on to. We need to share this wisdom with our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Your body is your temple. Love it, honor it, and adorn it!

glass vulva pendant

This Vulva pendant in Amber-swirl is shown with a custom beaded necklace. This option is available in our “Necklace Options” category!