Waterbirth pendant on Violet Purple

Waterbirth pendant on Violet Purple
Waterbirth pendant on Violet Purple
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These handblown glass Water Birth pendants show mother embracing her newborn babe, while being embraced by the warm, gentle waters that helped her give birth peacefully and naturally. This symbolic handblown glass necklace pendant tells a story of childbirth as an empowering experience, of a mother following her intuition to experience waterbirth, and of bringing forth new life into a warm and loving environment! Hospitals and birthing centers are now learning what midwives and doulas have known for years... and what our ancestors have known for centuries! The healing and restorative properties of water help women cope with the challenges of labor, and also helps to ease the trasition for baby, from womb to mother's arms. Each Waterbirth pendant, like all of our glass jewelry, has been individually flame sculpted using hard, crack resistant glass, and then kiln annealed for added durability. Measuring appx 1.25", they come lovingly wrapped in a gift box with free adjustable length black necklace cord. 

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