Rainbow Bridge paw print heart pendant

An Adoption Story


My twin girls with our good old girl Delilah, about 10 years ago!


Our family just celebrated the anniversary of adopting one of  our rescues, sweet Violet. We’ve had her for 6 years now… which also means it’s been 6 years since our beloved Delilah passed on. She was over 17 years old, and we were able to give her a great, long, full life… but that didn’t make it any easier to let her go when the time came. Saying goodbye to a pet is an absolutely heart-wrenching experience. It’s enough to make you swear you’ll never get another pet again… until you remember all those animals in cages at the shelter, hoping for their chance to find a forever family someday. That’s why I couldn’t get mad at Brian when, 3 days after Delilah left us, he brought Violet home from the pound. I’ll admit, after caring for a senior dog into her dying days, I was ready for a little more than a 72 hour break from pet ownership! But after seeing this sweet girl’s face, I knew we couldn’t leave her there another minute. And as soon as

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Our new old girl, sweet Violet, enjoying her warm, cozy, and much-deserved home!

Violet had adjusted to her new home, we went back to the same shelter and adopted her old buddy, Moses. And I will see to it that they both live happily ever after to the end of their days. And when that terrible time of having to say goodbye comes again, I will take comfort knowing that many fellow animal lovers have been down this same road. I will find solace in the fact that we gave these dogs a happy life. And, I will probably honor their lives by opening our home to yet another rescue animal. And so the cycle of life continues…

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I think the dogs like this a little better than life in the shelter.

rainbow bridge

~ author unknown

Anyone who has lost a pet has probably heard of “The Rainbow Bridge”. Whether you believe in this concept in a literal sense, or it just soothes your soul during a hard time, it is a beautiful poem either way, and it inspired my Rainbow Paw Print pendant design. I have been making handblown glass Paw Print Heart pendants in the studio for years, and have even donated them as auction items and raffle prizes to raise money for animal shelters and to help promote pet adoption. (Tia Torres of Pit Bulls & Parolees even has one!)  In Delilah’s memory, I added the rainbow option as well. The rainbow reminds us that there is always light and beauty after a storm. That we are strong spirits who will heal and can shine on, even through dark days. Whether you wear it as a memorial to a special pet, or just as a fun, colorful piece of jewelry that shows off your undying love of animals, it is sure to become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

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Walking my old girl Delilah, with my sister and brother and their dogs Kaiya and Taj (RIP Taj and Delilah, I hope your spirits are running free together somewhere!)