handblown glass vulva jewelry

The Birth of Art / The Art of Birth

handblown glass vagina pendantIn this latest addition to my line of handblown glass Goddess-inspired jewelry, two beautifully flame-sculpted female figures join together gracefully to create the bigger picture: the entryway into this earthly world, through which all life passes. This special limited edition Vulva pendant design is my interpretation of the Divine Feminine, and a testament to the lasting bonds of sisterhood among women. It started out as a sculpture titled “Threshold”, which then became an award, then a wall hanging piece, and now has become what I like to think of as “wearable art”. (You can read about the birth story of this new design here.)

glass clit vagina pendant pinkEvery detail of each figure has been individually flame-sculpted by hand. I use only borosilicate (“Pyrex”) glass, the strongest most crack-resistant glass available. Each work of art is then kiln annealed to further ensure durability.  Appx. 2-2.5″ in length, this unique work of art comes lovingly wrapped in a gift box with a free adjustable length black cotton necklace cord. (See our Necklace Options category for add-on choices like a sterling silver chain, or custom beadwork.) I plan to add more color options in the near future, but for now you can choose any color from our palette! And if you choose a color I haven’t yet used on this design, then it will be your piece that is photographed for our website and gallery.

handblown glass custom colors pendant

All of our available color options – you get to choose!


Thanks for helping me to spread the word among our fellow sisters… that we are beautiful, we are bold, and we are always stronger together!


vagina jewelry by Family Tree Glass