handblown glass demonstarions

I Heart Custom Orders! (sometimes)

Some of my most popular glass pendant designs were born of someone else’s imagination. I always feel so blessed when someone entrusts their creative ideas to me, and asks me to help manifest it in glass. Sometimes it never works out and I am unable to capture what they had in mind. But other times it ends up being my most favorite thing ever, and I find myself saying “why didn’t I think of this before?!” I love those moments. Custom orders are a creative collaboration that often gives birth to something neither of us could have imagined. In a good way! Often, it is these creations that catch the eye of other art and jewelry enthusiasts, and the next thing you know, I have a new pendant design to add to our homepage menu.

This Valentine’s Day season is no exception, with some great ideas rolling in from folks looking to give something extra special to their better half…

Got an idea you would like to see brought to life? Shoot me a message and I will see what I can do to make your vision a reality!

handblown glass pendant

I love the contrast of the black infinity symbol against the vivid rainbow colors on this glass heart pendant!


handblown glass infinity pendants

These cobalt blue infinity pendants are a regularly stocked item, the customization being that I had to make them as close to matching as possible… easier said than done when working with molten glass! But a very romantic gift idea for sure!


handblown glass heart footprints pendant

The pink-on-black color scheme has me swooning… some people just have a great eye for color!

custom handblown glass zodiac yin yang pendant set

This custom order includes a 2 piece yin yang pendant set with both of the couple’s astrological signs on either side of each pendant… so sweet!