Family Tree Glass art jewelry

Valentine’s Day SALE! <3

I heart HEARTS! Not only that, but I heart making hearts! There’s nothing like a hot kiln full of colorful handblown glass heart pendants to keep me warm on a cold winter’s day. Except maybe that feeling when you give one of these unique keepsakes to someone you love!

Now through Valentine’s Day, enjoy $5 off every heart pendant. Yes, that’s right. Every. Single. Heart. In any color your little heart desires! This Valentine’s Day sale includes each and every one of these hand crafted designs:

glass heart pendants


<— Follow Your Heart! *SALE PRICE: $ pawprint necklace



                       Paw Print Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $25.  —>


Family Tree Glass art jewelry



<— Rainbow Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $30.handblown glass heart pendants


                        Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $30. —>

handblown glass pendant necklace



<— 2-tone Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $35. (this one is shown on a custom beaded necklace, which is available as an add-on option to any of our glass pendant designs!)

Rainbow Bridge paw print heart pendant


         Rainbow Pawprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $35. —>

handblown glass mother jewelry



<— Rainbow Baby Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $40.


Don’t be afraid to give your heart away this Valentine’s Day… these babies don’t break so easily! Hand crafted individually so that no two are ever quite the same, these are made with strong, crack-resistant borosilicate glass, and are then kiln annealed for added durability. Because love is meant to last forever!