Family Tree Glass

Color Changing Glass Bottle Incense Burners

Just sharing a few recent love letters we received for Brian’s handblown glass incense burners. They make a fun and unique gift for that person on your gift list who is just impossible to buy for! Once you get your hands on a color-changing glass bottle burner, you will never want another incense burner again! And you won’t need one either, because these handcrafted glass bottles are blown with very thick-walled glass, and then they are kiln annealed for extra durability. These babies were made to last! But I’ll let some happy customers tell you themselves:

“What a great gift to us and our home! Have been wanting a glass incense burner like this for years and am delighted with it: so organic and the interior patterns add to the pleasure as it will change from the resin inside. Thanks so much!”  -Carla B. of Bronx, NY

“Such a lovely, solid and well made glass incense burner. Fun to see the color changing with each incense burned. Burner was carefully packaged and shipped quickly. Great shop and hope to do business with Family Tree Glass again!” -Monique A. of Gautier, MS

“An incredibly unique and well crafted incense burner! This is the incense burner of my dreams that I didn’t even know existed! Thanks so much, glass blowing extraordinaires!” -Tom S. of Santa Monica, CA

smoking bottle incense burner

This burner, in our “Bubbles” fume design, is just beginning it’s color-changing journey!

These are actual recent reviews from our etsy store, you can find them here. You can also see more 5 star reviews for these smoking bottle burners here. And click here to find out the top 5 reasons why you should ONLY be using a glass bottle incense burner!

With 2 size options, and 3 different designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one to enhance your incense burning ritual. Orders placed by Sunday 12/17 are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas! (if shipping to a US address.)

Thanks for supporting working artists and small family businesses like ours this holiday season, and always!