Family Tree Glass custom holiday decorations

Handblown Glass Ornaments are here!

handblown glass ornaments

These Colorful Spiral Twist ornaments start at just $9 each, or 5 for $40!

The FTG glass studio is fired up, and we’ve been busily filling up the kiln with colorful glass Spiral Twist ornaments, glass Icicles, and all our most popular holiday designs, in anticipation of helping our customers stuff their stockings, trim their trees, adorn their altars, and celebrate the season with handmade heirlooms!

We have lots of simple yet elegant designs that can fit any budget, but still let you take pride in knowing that your glass ornament was hand crafted individually by a family of artisans, using ancient techniques and traditions that hold true to this day. (check out this post featuring 10 handmade gift ideas from FTG for under $20!)

handblown glass holiday ornament

A recent custom Family-of-6 ornament. You get to choose the size and colors that best represent your unique family, and we’ll do the rest!

We also love getting the opportunity to create the more intricate, detail oriented pieces that you have come to know and love… like our custom-made Family ornaments, Mother and Grandmother ornaments, and Babywearing themed decorations. After making these special pieces for over a decade, we have started hearing stories of them being passed down from parent to child, being cherished heirlooms after a family member has passed, and also had the fun of getting to “update” pieces for ever-growing families.

We feel so blessed to be a part of your family’s holiday tradition… whether it be adding a new glass ornament to the collection each year, or pulling out that cherished piece from the box of holiday decorations, full of memories of holidays past, and hanging it up again for another season of celebration!

Please let us know what we can dream up for you this year as the holiday season approaches… the glassblowing elves are huddles around their flaming torches and warm kiln, just waiting for you to say the word!


This holiday season, support art and small family businesses like Family Tree Glass!