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Incense Burners: Customer Feedback

I want to share some of the feedback we have gotten recently from Brian’s handblown glass Incense Burners.  Here is what a few of our incense burning customers have to say about these color-changing smoking bottle burners:

“Very Nice. Nice thick glass, very well made. Well worth it! Thanks!”   -Eric R., Sutton MA

“Sooooo beautiful! Excellent worth the price. I am very happy with my incense burner, and I highly recommend this shop!”   -Doris B., Huntington Station NY

“Gorgeous. It is beautifully made and not too thick, not too thin, I’m not worried about it breaking which is a huge relief. The incense that comes with it smells amazingly. Thanks so much!”   -Tasha F., Blaine MN

“This is just absolutely beautiful! Very solidly made. The glass is thick and substantial. Functions like dream and the incense is contained, so no more worries over stray embers. Loving it!! Many thanks!”  -Tammy T., Westport ON, Canada

All of these reviews are from customers from our Etsy shop in the past few months. We have over 350 reviews there, and are very proud of maintaining a 5-star rating over the years! Customers are also now able to upload product reviews here on the FTG website, and we hope that in time we will have more customer feedback right on the product pages. But for now, feel free to check out the reviews we have gathered over years of being in this business by paying a visit to our Etsy shop!

You can find out more about what’s behind the design idea for these unique, handmade incense burners here, and you’ll know why everyone who burns incense sticks should have one. We promise you’ll never want to go back to those messy, cheaply made wooden boats ever again!

Thanks, as always, for choosing to support art and small family businesses like family Tree Glass!

smoking bottle incense burner

Yes, they really do change colors with use! This one had only been used a few times when it was photographed. Soon it will be all colored in with swirls of different shades of blues!