LLLI 60th Anniversary commemorative necklace by Family Tree Glass

Supporting Breastfeeding – One Droplet at a Time

And now, ladies and lactivists, we are excited to announce the next tier of the ongoing celebration of La Leche League’s 60th Anniversary:

Beginning on April 1, 2017,  instead of giving 25% of the proceeds from each Mother’s Milk Droplet pendant sale to LLLI, we will be offering 25% off to LLL groups, to help in raising money for important local breastfeeding support efforts.  If you are a member or Leader of an LLL group, and you purchase 10 or more necklaces, we will take 25% off your total, in the hopes that this discount will allow you to offer them to your peers and supporters at the already affordable retail prices, and use the extra 25% to put toward your local group’s fundraising efforts. Just enter coupon code LLLI60 to apply the 25% off to your total of 10 or more Mother’s Milk necklaces any time on or after Saturday April 1, 2017.

Mother's Milk necklace

Shown on an 18″ sterling silver box chain

Our commemorative “LLLI60” Mother’s Milk necklaces have been sold to breastfeeding supporters all over the world since we launched this campaign in the spring of 2016, with 25% of the proceeds going to LLLI to help them continue their Mother-to-Mother support system. Thank you to those who have contributed to this effort thus far! I am very honored that my glass art has played a role in this important event. There is still time to participate, if you would prefer that your contribution goes directly to LLLI. All orders placed between now and April 1 will still have 25% of proceeds donated to LLLI. After that, we will start giving the 25% discount directly to all groups ordering 10 or more necklaces for distribution. (Just remember to enter coupon code LLLI60 upon checkout!)

This handblown glass Mother’s Milk pendant is a symbol of love and sacrifice. Breast milk is a sacred river of purity and life, a physical manifestation of your spirit, flowing into and nourishing your newborn child. Whether you nursed well into toddlerhood, or struggled to get through those first few weeks… maybe you had to depend on the generosity of other mothers to nourish your baby… or perhaps you were a milk donor yourself… some women choose to nurse openly in public, while others pump and bottle feed their breastmilk to their children. Each mother’s breastfeeding story is unique, and each one deserves to be celebrated.

The LLLI Mother's Milk Droplet on the adjustable length necklace cord.

The LLLI Mother’s Milk Droplet on the adjustable length necklace cord.

Each “Mother’s Milk” droplet is made of flame sculpted glass. The pendant comes strung on an 18″ (appx.46 cm) sterling silver box chain. Every necklace also comes with a sterling silver tag at the clasp, engraved with the words “LLLI 60.” The glass droplet pendants are made of strong, crack resistant glass that has been individually hand crafted and kiln annealed. Each one measures appx. 1.25 in/3 cm long and appx. 0.5 in/1.25 cm wide and comes lovingly wrapped in a gift box.

Read more about the project, the pendant, and the passion behind it here.

Thanks for supporting families through your donation to La Leche League, and also through buying handmade art from small family businesses like Family Tree Glass!

LLLI in Family Tree Glass breastfeeding bling

La Leche League International’s founders and Board of Directors, 2016, all wearing their LLLI 60th Anniversary commemorative necklaces!