a compilation of glass art pendants

Glass Art Auctions: Live now!

What’s an artist to do when faced with an overabundance of discontinued pendant designs? Why, we auction them off for deeply discounted prices, of course!  Starting this week, our Ebay auctions will be ongoing, as long as I still have these items in stock. I plan to post a few listings each week, always with a low starting bid, and no reserve! This week on the auction block:

1 Breastfeeding Mother and Baby glass pendant in Amber Swirl mama with Earthy Swirl babe

Lot of 2: Baby’s Footprints on Mama’s Heart in Warm Amber, and Birthy Belly in Translucent Teal

One of this week’s listings has already been purchased out right at a discounted price (this will always be an option, as well!) and the 2 auctions linked above end tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

Often, I will be listing these pieces in lots, with a couple different designs combined in each listing. This is perfect for all my crafty mamas looking to make their own necklaces, and for my thrifty sisters to get a few gifts for one heck of a steal. Each pendant is shipped with a small info card in a little gift bag. (Please note: these do not come with free necklace cord or boxes, like the items on our website or etsy store.)handblown glass demonstarions

Why so many discontinued designs, you ask? My glass creations inevitably grow and change over time. Such is the nature of “handmade”. Sometimes it happens slowly and subtly. Other times I decide to make an obvious change to a pendant design, whether based on customer feedback, or my own personal aesthetic preferences. Occasionally an item will need to be discontinued simply because my glass supplier stops making that particular color. Whatever the reason, before ya know it, I have a stock of handblown glass pendants that do not match the photos or descriptions on my websites.Family Tree Glass

In the past, I would display and sell these items by having a booth at a local craft fair or something like that, where people aren’t expecting each one to look like a certain photo, and their little intricacies are always well received! But I am not currently doing shows right now. So I thought that holding an auction would be a fun way to help these unique, one-of-a-kind creations get into the hands of those that appreciate them. And who doesn’t like a great deal on hand crafted jewelry, right?!

Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s going on the auction block each week. There’s sure to be something that will catch your eye eventually! Good luck, and happy bidding!



handblown glass babywearing pendant

Mother’s Day shipping deadline:

All orders placed on or before Monday, May 7th will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail by Wednesday, May 9th to be delivered no later than Saturday, May 12th. Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th! This guarantee is only for orders shipping within the US. Need it sooner? Contact us for rush orders and overnight shipping estimates.

We are able to fill custom color requests for our glass Mother pendants as late as that Monday, but we do appreciate earlier orders! It helps us run the glass studio more smoothly, and it is much easier on us artists, too! I know that families are busy, and may not be able to plan ahead for a Mother’s Day gift. But on her special day, mom can still receive hand crafted, custom made glass art jewelry! 

Need some ideas for this year’s Mother’s Day gift? Here are some of our most popular designs…

birth jewelry

Birth Belly in Aqua


Know a mama-to-be? These Birth Belly pregnancy pendants are a little reminder that a mother is born before her child is.

Babywearing Mama pendants

Babywearing for the win!


Our Babywearing pendants now come in 2 sizes, custom wrap colors, and now we can add on siblings and Papas, too!

Family Tree Glass

Breastfeeding Mama <3


From the Mother’s Milk droplet pendant starting at just $15, to our original Breastfeeding Mama design available in a plethora of custom color options.

Family Tree Glass art and jewelry

Mother and Child necklaces


You can design your own Mother jewelry or Family pendant by letting us know how many children to add, and what colors you think will best represent your unique crew!

handblown glass pendant for animal lovers

Paw Print Hearts!


Animal lovers deserve to be honored on Mother’s Day, too! Know someone who is just as dedicated to her fur babies as any mother?

grandmother jewelry by Family Tree Glass

She’s got the whole world in her hands!



…and don’t forget Grandma! Multi-generational Grandmother pendants, to show off her children and grandchildren, handmade just for her!


Shop around our many categories of birth art and goddess inspired handblown glass jewelry, designed and created by a mother, especially for mothers. Or feel free to get in touch if you have an idea for a custom piece. Thanks for making Family Tree Glass a part of your family’s celebration. Happy Mother’s Day!


Family Tree Glass art and jewelry

Early Bird Mother’s Day Special Offer!

handblown glass goddess jewelry pendant

Visit our facebook page this week, and enter to win one of these Goddess Droplet pendants and ornaments, in celebration of the Vernal Equinox… HAPPY SPRING! And follow our page for more giveaways, new design drops, and sale announcements!

As I type this it is a frigid 8 degrees outside the FTG glass studio here in Vermont. But despite the chill, today is the first official day of spring! The warmer weather may feel a world away, but it’s coming up quick… and that means so is Mother’s Day! This year the big day falls on May 13. That may seem like plenty of time to you, but it is one of my busiest times of the year. And because of the unique, customized nature of my family jewelry and mother pendants, I am unable to stock up in preparation for it. Also, many well-meaning papas tend to leave shopping for Mom’s gift until the last minute, which makes for some very long, late May nights at the torch for this glassblowing mama. Here’s where that special offer comes into play…

Babywearing Mama pendants

Our Babywearing Mama pendants come in so many different size and color options… so you can create your own!

For a limited time, I am offering 30% off on bulk and co-op orders of 10 or more pieces. Do you have a circle of mama friends that would like to combine their orders with yours to get an awesome deal? Perhaps you know of a group or organization whose members would be interested in a deeply discounted bulk buy? Or maybe you’d just like to stock up on a few handblown glass gifts for friends, family… or you?! A co-op order is a great chance to treat yourself to some handcrafted glass jewelry, and save money while doing it!

A “co-op” is a cooperative effort on the part of a group or organization to place multiple orders together as one bulk order. This process saves us time and money spent on shipping, handling, and correspondence. We are then able to pass those savings onto you in the form of 30% off your order! Each group designates a host(ess) who is the contact person, gathers the payments, places the order, and has the package delivered to them for distribution. Any item on our website counts toward your minimum of 10 pieces, and yes, beadwork is eligible and custom orders are welcome!

handblown glass mother jewelry rainbow baby necklace

For the first time ever, I am including custom beaded necklaces in this special offer, too!

Contact me today if you’d like to take advantage of this Early Bird Special. This deal should help me get a jump start on my Mother’s Day season, and still make it possible to fill the inevitable flurry of orders from all those die-hard procrastinators out there. But the free shipping is only available until the end of this month, and co-op availability is limited! So gather your fellow Goddesses, spread the word, and let me know what I can make for all you amazing, dedicated, hard-working mamas out there!

And, as always, thanks for keeping this glassblowing mama busy, happy, and at home with my kids. Every FTG order, big or small, supports working artists, and a small family business. It keeps our torches lit, our kiln warm, and our bellies full. We are blessed.


a compilation of glass art pendants

All items on our website, including any of our pendant designs, are eligible for the 30% discount!

Rainbow Bridge paw print heart pendant

An Adoption Story


My twin girls with our good old girl Delilah, about 10 years ago!


Our family just celebrated the anniversary of adopting one of  our rescues, sweet Violet. We’ve had her for 6 years now… which also means it’s been 6 years since our beloved Delilah passed on. She was over 17 years old, and we were able to give her a great, long, full life… but that didn’t make it any easier to let her go when the time came. Saying goodbye to a pet is an absolutely heart-wrenching experience. It’s enough to make you swear you’ll never get another pet again… until you remember all those animals in cages at the shelter, hoping for their chance to find a forever family someday. That’s why I couldn’t get mad at Brian when, 3 days after Delilah left us, he brought Violet home from the pound. I’ll admit, after caring for a senior dog into her dying days, I was ready for a little more than a 72 hour break from pet ownership! But after seeing this sweet girl’s face, I knew we couldn’t leave her there another minute. And as soon as

adopt a dog

Our new old girl, sweet Violet, enjoying her warm, cozy, and much-deserved home!

Violet had adjusted to her new home, we went back to the same shelter and adopted her old buddy, Moses. And I will see to it that they both live happily ever after to the end of their days. And when that terrible time of having to say goodbye comes again, I will take comfort knowing that many fellow animal lovers have been down this same road. I will find solace in the fact that we gave these dogs a happy life. And, I will probably honor their lives by opening our home to yet another rescue animal. And so the cycle of life continues…

adopt a pet

I think the dogs like this a little better than life in the shelter.

rainbow bridge

~ author unknown

Anyone who has lost a pet has probably heard of “The Rainbow Bridge”. Whether you believe in this concept in a literal sense, or it just soothes your soul during a hard time, it is a beautiful poem either way, and it inspired my Rainbow Paw Print pendant design. I have been making handblown glass Paw Print Heart pendants in the studio for years, and have even donated them as auction items and raffle prizes to raise money for animal shelters and to help promote pet adoption. (Tia Torres of Pit Bulls & Parolees even has one!)  In Delilah’s memory, I added the rainbow option as well. The rainbow reminds us that there is always light and beauty after a storm. That we are strong spirits who will heal and can shine on, even through dark days. Whether you wear it as a memorial to a special pet, or just as a fun, colorful piece of jewelry that shows off your undying love of animals, it is sure to become a cherished keepsake for years to come.

animal adoption

Walking my old girl Delilah, with my sister and brother and their dogs Kaiya and Taj (RIP Taj and Delilah, I hope your spirits are running free together somewhere!)

a compilation of glass art pendants

Wholesale Info for Spring 2018

Family Tree Glass art and jewelry

custom Mother and Child necklaces

Did you know that FTG offers wholesale pricing to retail stores? Do you know of a unique boutique carrying handcrafted art, that would be a good match for our line of handblown glass jewelry? If so, now is a good time for them to get in touch with us! Email support@familytreeglass.com or reach out via facebook today – if you are the first to refer a business that ends up placing a wholesale order, we will send you a $50 FTG gift certificate to thank you for helping to spread the word about our artwork!

Bonus: As an extra incentive to get those bulk orders in before my Mother’s Day rush, I am offering FREE shipping *worldwide*, now through the end of March! (Yes, you heard that right, my international friends!) We usually get pretty busy with Mother’s Day orders by April, so I hope to be able to fill all wholesale orders by the end of March.

More good news: If your business or organization has placed a wholesale order with us in the past, there are no minimum order requirements to be met before you can get the wholesale discount. We want to help you keep your shelves stocked and offer the best selection possible at all times. So feel free to place a small order anytime, take custom requests from your customers, keep only what you need in stock, and still enjoy our wholesale rates.

handblown glass rainbow babywearing jewelry

A big order of our Rainbow Babywearing pendant design, getting ready to be packed up and shipped out!

New wholesale accounts now only need to meet the 20 piece minimum on their first order. After that initial stocking up, order only what you need to keep your display fresh and exciting for your customers. Contact us for more info about getting your FTG wholesale account set up today!

I believe that each of our handmade creations have a story to tell, and a purpose to fulfill. They are more than just simple adornment… they are conversation starters… they are kindred spirit magnets… they are a public statement, and a personal talisman, all rolled into one! Branching out and making connections with other art lovers, small businesses, and entrepreneurial families is such a vital part of what we do. And yet, I am usually focusing on my craft in the studio, and often overlook this important aspect of being an artisan. Even if I could make the most amazing pieces of handblown glass art ever, it would mean absolutely nothing if they weren’t out there in the great, wide world… being seen, touched, and cherished.  So thank you for helping us to spread the love!

family tree glass studio

handblown glass vulva jewelry

The Birth of Art / The Art of Birth

handblown glass vagina pendantIn this latest addition to my line of handblown glass Goddess-inspired jewelry, two beautifully flame-sculpted female figures join together gracefully to create the bigger picture: the entryway into this earthly world, through which all life passes. This special limited edition Vulva pendant design is my interpretation of the Divine Feminine, and a testament to the lasting bonds of sisterhood among women. It started out as a sculpture titled “Threshold”, which then became an award, then a wall hanging piece, and now has become what I like to think of as “wearable art”. (You can read about the birth story of this new design here.)

glass clit vagina pendant pinkEvery detail of each figure has been individually flame-sculpted by hand. I use only borosilicate (“Pyrex”) glass, the strongest most crack-resistant glass available. Each work of art is then kiln annealed to further ensure durability.  Appx. 2-2.5″ in length, this unique work of art comes lovingly wrapped in a gift box with a free adjustable length black cotton necklace cord. (See our Necklace Options category for add-on choices like a sterling silver chain, or custom beadwork.) I plan to add more color options in the near future, but for now you can choose any color from our palette! And if you choose a color I haven’t yet used on this design, then it will be your piece that is photographed for our website and gallery.

handblown glass custom colors pendant

All of our available color options – you get to choose!


Thanks for helping me to spread the word among our fellow sisters… that we are beautiful, we are bold, and we are always stronger together!


vagina jewelry by Family Tree Glass

handblown glass demonstarions

I Heart Custom Orders! (sometimes)

Some of my most popular glass pendant designs were born of someone else’s imagination. I always feel so blessed when someone entrusts their creative ideas to me, and asks me to help manifest it in glass. Sometimes it never works out and I am unable to capture what they had in mind. But other times it ends up being my most favorite thing ever, and I find myself saying “why didn’t I think of this before?!” I love those moments. Custom orders are a creative collaboration that often gives birth to something neither of us could have imagined. In a good way! Often, it is these creations that catch the eye of other art and jewelry enthusiasts, and the next thing you know, I have a new pendant design to add to our homepage menu.

This Valentine’s Day season is no exception, with some great ideas rolling in from folks looking to give something extra special to their better half…

Got an idea you would like to see brought to life? Shoot me a message and I will see what I can do to make your vision a reality!

handblown glass pendant

I love the contrast of the black infinity symbol against the vivid rainbow colors on this glass heart pendant!


handblown glass infinity pendants

These cobalt blue infinity pendants are a regularly stocked item, the customization being that I had to make them as close to matching as possible… easier said than done when working with molten glass! But a very romantic gift idea for sure!


handblown glass heart footprints pendant

The pink-on-black color scheme has me swooning… some people just have a great eye for color!

custom handblown glass zodiac yin yang pendant set

This custom order includes a 2 piece yin yang pendant set with both of the couple’s astrological signs on either side of each pendant… so sweet!

Family Tree Glass art jewelry

Valentine’s Day SALE! <3

I heart HEARTS! Not only that, but I heart making hearts! There’s nothing like a hot kiln full of colorful handblown glass heart pendants to keep me warm on a cold winter’s day. Except maybe that feeling when you give one of these unique keepsakes to someone you love!

Now through Valentine’s Day, enjoy $5 off every heart pendant. Yes, that’s right. Every. Single. Heart. In any color your little heart desires! This Valentine’s Day sale includes each and every one of these hand crafted designs:

glass heart pendants


<— Follow Your Heart! *SALE PRICE: $12.glass pawprint necklace



                       Paw Print Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $25.  —>


Family Tree Glass art jewelry



<— Rainbow Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $30.handblown glass heart pendants


                        Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $30. —>

handblown glass pendant necklace



<— 2-tone Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $35. (this one is shown on a custom beaded necklace, which is available as an add-on option to any of our glass pendant designs!)

Rainbow Bridge paw print heart pendant


         Rainbow Pawprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $35. —>

handblown glass mother jewelry



<— Rainbow Baby Footprint Hearts! *SALE PRICE: $40.


Don’t be afraid to give your heart away this Valentine’s Day… these babies don’t break so easily! Hand crafted individually so that no two are ever quite the same, these are made with strong, crack-resistant borosilicate glass, and are then kiln annealed for added durability. Because love is meant to last forever!



Family Tree Glass

Color Changing Glass Bottle Incense Burners

Just sharing a few recent love letters we received for Brian’s handblown glass incense burners. They make a fun and unique gift for that person on your gift list who is just impossible to buy for! Once you get your hands on a color-changing glass bottle burner, you will never want another incense burner again! And you won’t need one either, because these handcrafted glass bottles are blown with very thick-walled glass, and then they are kiln annealed for extra durability. These babies were made to last! But I’ll let some happy customers tell you themselves:

“What a great gift to us and our home! Have been wanting a glass incense burner like this for years and am delighted with it: so organic and the interior patterns add to the pleasure as it will change from the resin inside. Thanks so much!”  -Carla B. of Bronx, NY

“Such a lovely, solid and well made glass incense burner. Fun to see the color changing with each incense burned. Burner was carefully packaged and shipped quickly. Great shop and hope to do business with Family Tree Glass again!” -Monique A. of Gautier, MS

“An incredibly unique and well crafted incense burner! This is the incense burner of my dreams that I didn’t even know existed! Thanks so much, glass blowing extraordinaires!” -Tom S. of Santa Monica, CA

smoking bottle incense burner

This burner, in our “Bubbles” fume design, is just beginning it’s color-changing journey!

These are actual recent reviews from our etsy store, you can find them here. You can also see more 5 star reviews for these smoking bottle burners here. And click here to find out the top 5 reasons why you should ONLY be using a glass bottle incense burner!

With 2 size options, and 3 different designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one to enhance your incense burning ritual. Orders placed by Sunday 12/17 are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas! (if shipping to a US address.)

Thanks for supporting working artists and small family businesses like ours this holiday season, and always!


handblown glass icicle ornaments

Icicle Ornaments!

handblown glass demonstarions

Just another one of Santa’s elves, doing my thing in the workshop!

Every year I look forward to making these individually sculpted glass icicle ornaments! They have been one of our most popular holiday gift items for years, whether we are at a handcraft fair, art show, through etsy, or here on our own website. Admittedly, they are not the most technically challenging of our designs. But I think that is why I enjoy making them so much… I can just get into the groove of playing with molten glass, trusting that each one is going to decide exactly what shape it wants to take. They always look more real when I allow the glass to create the design itself… when I think too hard about what I am doing, they tend to look more contrived and perfectly symmetrical. I want each one to have it’s own story, and it’s own personality. Creating glass icicles, for me, is a lesson in not taking myself too seriously… an opportunity to practice letting go and trusting the process… and a chance to have fun, blast some music, laugh at myself, and lighten up! I hope that my light hearted, twinkling, uplifted spirit shines through in each and every one!

glass icicles

This is the original photo, taken shortly after we first started making this design…

This year I decided to update my glass icicle ornament photos. It’s been long overdue… the original ones were taken in the backyard of our old house in NY, while a couple cute little toddlers played around the tree trunk at my feet. Over a decade later, those toddlers are now teenagers, and the pics were taken by the woodstove in our VT cabin. (The kids kindly waited for me to be done with my little photo shoot before decorating our tree!)

These handcrafted little works of art are just $4 each, or a set of 6 for $20. (That’s one free!) So you see, you can make it a handmade holiday on just about any budget!

handblown glass holiday gifts

This is one of the photos that I just took this year. I am so glad I finally got a chance to update my pics!

Thanks for choosing to support art and small family businesses like Family Tree Glass this holiday season, and always. We are blessed, and we are grateful to be able to do what we love, and love what we do!

Happy holidays from our family to yours!